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Top 10 Good View Alfa Romeo Racing Wallpaper

in an alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio next to me is now the rs5 and next to that is a bmw m4 unfortunately it’s not the competition it’s just the normal one today i’m sorry about that bmw fan boys but there we go anyway let me tell you about this car it’s got a 2.9 liter twin Turbo. turbo v6 with 510 horsepower and 600 newton Meters. meters of torque it drives the Rear.

rear wheels only for an eightspeed torque converter gearbox so there’s no launch control it’s kind of light for this kind of car it’s 1520 kilos price wise You’re. you’re looking at 66 000 pounds now that bmw it has a three liter straight six twin turbo with 431 horsepower and 550.

550 newton meters of torque it has a sixspeed dual clutch automatic gearbox with a launch control mode though you do have to have the stability control off to be able to do that so it can get a bit larry oh well now that car weighs 1650 kilos and Starts.

starts from 62. 62 000 pounds to find out About. about the audi let’s Talk.

talk to its driver it’s yanny from yanimize hello yanny tell me about your car lad hi matt how are you i’ve got the worst hay Fever. fever my eyes are so red raw i’m in a 2.9 twin turbo v6 450 horsepower 600 newton meters quattro fourwheel drive eightspeed auto it is an 8speed auto Can. can you remember how much it weighs yeah because i Just