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Favorite 10 Audi R8 V10 Plus Wallpaper Good Looking

and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by autodopanel my name is martin and today i’m taking a look at this audi r8 v10 spider the face lifted model now today i am doing this review because this is a spider supercar which means max does not fit in there so i’m stepping in so today i’m going to show you around it show you the lovely speck we have it in i’m Going. going to tell you how we got it which is kind of a special story Do. do 0100 measurements on the road right here and then we’re going to take it to the autobahn and see if we can come near the top speed of this v10 beast of a car but Before.

before we begin don’t forget to and check us Out. out on instagram at other top now all right let me first tell you how we got this car a few weeks ago i got a Message. message from andreas on instagram and he said Hey. hey i saw you did a car swap with autumn on with Your. your m3 and their mclaren 570 gt Do. do you want to do a car swap with mine so I. i checked out his instagram he has a few very cool cars go check him out on instagram andy the dawn he has some Very. very special cars and he has a very good taste so i decided i wanted this audi r8 so we planned a place and we met Up