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10 Good View Sf90 Stradale Wallpaper

very because today we are all driving the ferrari ff. 90 together the most powerful series ferrari that has ever existed it can somehow get even bigger 1000ps people in a ferrari a few weeks ago i was on the road with frankie able shoe and we looked at the sf 90 Spyder. spyder together with frank burbach the managing director of luk sportivo official ferrari dealer in düsseldorf. and now franko bach actually called me and Said. said Matthias.

matthias kamber 1 sf 90 for you to drive in and countersteer of course said okay when should i come and today is The. the day it has a lot of superlatives this car it’s not really a tourist at all is that because that’s a plane A. a high flyer definitely although that’s relatively normal for me it’s Still.

still for me it’s still something special every day that i’m allowed to drive these cars and today is of Course.

course a very special day i’m in the mood people get up tomorrow o’clock. swiss time i can’t Say. say how excited it is that it’s in heaven now i’ve got It. it in there now so i don’t need to see anything is of course understandable your. montana black is in it by the way he said to me buy ok i could give you. a number how does It. it Look. look do it again and again actually today we’re still doing it too early but i’m cheerful then maybe yes i’ll take the motto Hello