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Favorite 14 Amg Gt63s Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

and these eight cylinders there we go can also do what’s up everyone welcome to this POV review biota table now my name is max and today We’ve. we’ve got a very very special car a car that was released I don’t know a couple of months ago introduced with a couple of s and photos and everyone thought or at least I did what the hell what the hell are they doing now at AMG how crazy is this car it is of course the old new AMG GT fourdoor Group A and we’ve got the 63s 4matic plus today which means we’ve got A. a v8 biturbo with 639 horsepower and 900 newton meters it is a weapon this car it’s supposed to compete With. with the porsche panamera turbo And.

and Turbo S and well it is a very imposing car to look at it is very very aggressive and If. if you ask me it’s sort of the way the new CLS should have looked because I think this is much cooler much betterlooking than the new CLS especially from the rear so we’ve made a lot of s with this car already don’t forget to and hit that notification bell to receive updates when we a new today or right now I’m going to do a walkaround show you all the cool design features on this car show you the interior tell you all about the Engineering. engineering and the technical stuff then we’ll take four Drive Along