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Favorite 8 Hakosuka Gtr Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

back here at monsoon motors in sunny clearwater florida and guess what we have an automotive icon this is a 1971 nissan skyline hakasuka basically a gtr tribute car but before we dive into this i want to first off say a big thank you to sabo for allowing us his personal car to feature here on radies rides this is going to be a good one i promise you that but let’s talk about what this car represents so the nissan skyline it’s just a regular passenger car in 1970 nissan Decided. decided to do something very special add some extra performance that’s where this hakasuka comes in and that’s where the fabled gtr comes into play the first year was 1970. in the beginning it wasn’t about twin turbo engines or dct transmissions or even allwheel drive it was about very small size but lots of handling performance and naturally aspirated power one Thing. thing is for certain when you’re looking At.

at jdm classics or even classic cars overall There. there is a special place for these vehicles and we We’re. we’re going to try to find out in this review is this the ultimate is this the ultimate jdm classic to lust after so let’s go ahead and dive into Sabo’s. sabo’s hakusuka right off the bat the lines absolutely spot on the money the size perfect shape you’re not going to confuse this with any other car if you notice on the fender very sharp lines we’re going to have Our