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Top Dodge Ram Logo Wallpaper With 8 Pictures

on this 1500 but it could be anything so let’s get into today’s all right guys welcome back so we have the truck all prepped we got sinister stripes over here we got the grill master check this out boys we are having some good eats so we’re just hanging out grilling and We’re. we’re gonna plaster dip All. all of the chrome at least on the doors and stuff we’re Not.

not doing anything with the mirrors just yet wheels i’m gonna be Doing. doing something with That. that soon but all the emblems uh and whatever we’re calling this I. i guess this kind of chrome Piece. piece there and we’re also gonna try and do something with this eco diesel badge so we’re gonna try and you know pick out this middle portion and just eliminate the chrome outer ring on it door handles i have something coming for that but everything else we are prepped so we’ve got that all taped off ready to go looks we’re doing a respray got the whole back all taped off and then also have this whole side all ready to go So. so we got our plastic pier should take i don’t know maybe one can We. we got two or actually we got Three. three if we need i even Got. got clear but i don’t think we’re gonna mess with that i want to try this at some point i don’t think it’s gonna Be. be today but go ahead and we’ll get some light Coats