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Best 10 Good View Amg Gts Wallpaper

already this car for two years i remember making the two years ago i think it’s myself i can’t believe i own this car but yeah it’s been an absolute blast over the last two years this is my longterm review so the design undoubtedly the design of this car is incredible it’s based On. on the iconic sls which was based on the beautiful 300 sl i just love that long bonnet i just love the long look of it it just looks awesome i feel the super long bonnet makes it instantly recognizable and it’s what makes this car so unique compared to other cars sort of in its price range i’m asked quite often by friends if the long bonnet makes it difficult To.

to drive or just see ahead of me but you know with cars being very modern these days having parking sensors and all sorts i’ve not really had any issues and you Get. get used to it quite quickly the car says it’s very low and hunkered down making it look even slender than usual It. it actually sits so low that i’ve bottomed out quite a few times when i go over speed bumps which is obviously quite unnerving but hey i thought it’s just one of the things of having a car that sits so low this car is also considered a front midengine car because the engine sits so far away from the actual front of the car it sits very Quite