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Top 9 Dodge Charger Srt Wallpaper Good Looking

is nicer on again today you see the same car same day we are still sitting in the charger srt8 and today I will Show. show you how the car drives so We. we Already. already have it addressed in the sound check 6.4 liter V8 naturally aspirated engine with. 492 hp and beyond the 600 newton meter. limit torque how the whole thing drives how the thing looks inside everything you can find out now let’s Go. go I. know that doing it again and again the charger is for an American sedan really sporty as well the proportions are great from the front great from the back and also great in Terms.

terms of timing no __ the car really great potential as it stands here costs about 59,000 euros and as I said has the 500 hp eightcylinder in it how the thing drives and how it is otherwise I’ll show you now, dear people, and that. brings us to georgia and I don’t want to chat too long On. on g eht’s press the start button the v8 engine acknowledges the press with a happy sound sounds good. because level d And.

and rises let’s twirl the twoton thing from The. the yard yes And. and so we set ourselves in motion. what she does first is this performance page because I can read off all possible parameters I’m kind of a temperature fetishist and here I’m not only shown the Engine. engine temperature but also the transmission oil temperature, the coolant, The