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Top Fast And Furious Supra Wallpaper With 5 Pictures

is car my car i said a 10second car not a 10minute car you could push this across the finish line or tow it couldn’t even tow no fish oh i have Faith. faith in you but this isn’t a junkyard this is a garage it pop the hood pop the hood Pop. pop the hood two jayz and no __ then what did i tell you i retract my previous state you know what this will decimate all after you put about 15 grand in it or more if we have to overnight parts from japan we’ll put it on my tab at harris yes i gotta get you racing again so i can make some money off your ass there’s a showdown In. in the desert Called. called race wars and that’s where you’ll do it i’ll tell you what when you’re not working at harrah’s you’re working here if you can’t find the right tool in this garage Mr. mr arizona you don’t belong near a car you junior tell me what you think about this county adjustables gonna save us about two pounds and they’re gonna give us better traction for the whole shot all right this is your basic Layout. layout of the car and that’s pretty much what it could look when it’s finished red green man you should be going to mit or something yeah right now i got that oh What’s. what’s it called the detention disorder yes that __ yeah You