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Top 10 Pictures Jackson Storm Wallpaper

nose how’s the view back there bobby well you better not blink i’ll blow right past you the flag is out it’s the final stretch mcqueen in the lead okay let’s see What. what you get it’s jackson’s storm for the win a huge upset neither lightning or bobby ever swing coming it’s one thing to start fast but we haven’t seen anyone cross the line with that kind of speed and power since a young lightning mcqueen Hey. hey bobby who is that that’s um jackson storm yeah he’s one of the rookies thank you i appreciate it thank You. you very much thank you hey jackson storm right great race today wow thank you mr mcqueen you have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to finally beat you oh thanks wait hang on did you say meet or beat i think you heard Me.

me uh what can we get some pictures yeah yeah come on let’s get a picture You. you know what get a ton of pictures because champ here has been a role model of mine for years now and i mean a lot of years right i love this guy i think i touched a nerve i’ll tell you what daryl jackson storm has certainly made an impact we’ve got six more next generation rookies in the field with six veterans fired to clear the way morning champ how’s our living legend today uh Still.

still very much alive thank you and i would appreciate I