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9 Images Subaru 22b Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

considered to be the ultimate highperformance subaru it was built in insanely small numbers with some incredibly special details and it was never offered for sale in north america but here i am in north america and today i’m going to review this 22b before i get started be sure to check out cars and bids which is my new online car auction website for modern enthusiast cars we’re the best place to Buy. buy and sell anything cool from the 1980s and up we have some amazing stuff live being auctioned right now this and this and this and this so Check. check Out. out cars and bids cars and by clicking the link in the description below i’ve borrowed this 22b from a viewer here in san diego and i’m going to start with a little overview now the subaru impreza came out in 1992 and it Was. was a popular compact car And. and it soon became a Successful. successful rally car earning many rally victories to celebrate this success subaru came out With.

with a high performance version of the road car impreza called the impreza wrx soon after subaru made an even higher performance version called the sti and there were various special editions here and there but This. this was the ultimate special edition the 22b which was offered in 1998. only 400 units were sold in japan plus a handful in other markets and subaru claims they sold out within a few hours of announcing That. that it Would