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Favorite 10 Porsche Phone Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

valuable to ever enter this room and I wanted to show you what it’s to live with let’s just say it didn’t go to plan the first thing I did of Course. course was unbox it so inside this heavyduty cardboard is the retail packaging of the device it’s premium as you’d have guessed for close to $2,500 this Is. is walle is absolutely jacked China only super phone the huawei mate 30 RS and Whilst. whilst I was excited to just rip it out the packaging whack it on charge and start using it because this is a special edition Device.

device it does come with a few extra bits and pieces there’s a limited edition black version of their 40 watt super charger we’ve got a USBC cable to charge the phone but what you might not have seen before Is. is a second USBC Cable.

cable the reason for this is That. that as well As.

as the Standard. standard mains charger you also get Huawei’s new car charger which also supports Superfast. superfast 40 watt charging now I realize car chargers on the most exciting thing on the market but this might just be the highest spec offering out there there’s a second port to charge a second phone and an LED Ring. ring around It. it to keep it visible there’s a pair of earphones nothing crazy this is always answer to Apple’s ear pods and a box which contains the rather Unusual. unusual porsche design smart phone case and below this a second packet With