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10 Pictures Lexus Is 250 Wallpaper Good Looking

everything want to know about a lexus is250 including should you buy a 250 or a 350 should you buy new or used stay tuned because i’m gonna tell You. you the truth it’s 2008 that customer just bought three weeks ago for six thousand dollars on facebook marketplace what a deal now these are basically compact luxury sports car and this is a Fancy. fancy one it’s allwheel drive so it even handles better than that you can get a rearwheel Drive. drive or allwheel drive now you can only get is 250 use because they don’t make it more the big difference of course is the Size.

size of the engine one’s 2500 cc’s what’s 3500 cc’s you open the hood Both.

both the 350 and the 250 have toyota’s Legendary. legendary v6 engine we’ll take the top off so you can actually see it only you’re pushing 100 more horsepower with the 350.. 350. let me tell you this thing is fast enough they’re small Cars. cars with the 2500cc engine plus it gets Better.

better gas mileage now Granted. granted the 350 is a little bit quicker you’re not going to be able to get a used one for six grand let me tell you 12 13 14 20 whatever they’re much More.

more expensive now they’re both luxurious cars inside the only real difference with the 350 is it Does. does ride a little Bit.

bit smoother it’s more Expensively. expensively made cars but the is serious are all as you can see here made in japan they Hold