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10 Images Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Wallpaper Good Looking

of i am the guests the new one here and present you today my ten facts about the wrangler rubicon because you have even more ovens Then. then Just. just to us on instagram facebook or youtube I would be very happy and then it starts with me and the wrangler rubicon have fun we’ll come to one By.

by one you. maybe didn’t know the technical data of the wrangler Rubicon.

rubicon manufacturer now in the fourth generation with a turbo petrol engine 270 hp 400 newton meters of torque and is in 7, 3 seconds to 100 km/h while I’m kneeling here In. in the mud I’ll present you with two facts, but you didn’t Know.

know maybe you didn’t know yet , namely the different variants of the wrangler, these are available as sport sahara or we here as rubicon, the Rubicon. rubicon is the most capable offroad variant has a mechanical locking differential the front and rear axles and then there are also different versions as far as the doors are concerned, that means here It. it says as a threedoor version, but there is also another middle version as a fivedoor version and there are also differences In. in the roof here is the basic version with the hardtop roof there is but also a roof that you can make from Fabric.

fabric we attach to it and take it off again and there is the absolute Luxury. luxury variant, namely a folding roof That. that can be opened and closed while driving yes and Now