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Favorite Classic F1 Wallpaper With 8 Pictures

the game and we’re taking a trip down memory lane now i got inspired by a recent on the official formula one where leclerc was paying tribute to jill vilner who drove a variation of the ferrari we’re going 312 start off driving today the t2 which was driven by nikki louder in his fight with james hunt and then the t4 later it’s A.

a spectacular looking car i mean all the classic cars really uh in f1 2019 were beautifully modeled and looked so so sweet and you know In. in the novelty of it they were a lot of fun to drive you know personally i didn’t drive classic cars a lot On. on f1 2019 but now the fact we don’t have them in the current Crop. crop of the last three f1 games from cody’s kind of makes you reminisce and miss driving the cars occasionally And. and what a car this was listen to that engine man that is such a sick sound Old. old f1 cars they sound the best current f1 i love It. it i the racing we get some banging races we’ve got some great drivers but old f1 cars that the old era the old bangers just so good cockpit cam oh this is good this is good and we’re around britain short which is also another circuit that we can’t do now in the old in the uh current f1 games i don’t know why we ever got rid Or