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here Dubai and I’m at the world’s tallest hotel I’m getting one of the most unique cars in the world delivered right here Applause some people even say This. this car doesn’t exist but it’s right in there it is real Applause that was quick Applause Applause it’s real it’s here in Dubai and I’m going to be the first person in the world to drive the devil 16 apart from the manufacturers I’m going to be handed to keep very first I can’t believe it we’re gonna take this baby out Applause what a gift 10,000 birthdays today Applause this is saying hi I’ve ever seen never seen something with this design anything This. this before hey I’ve got the king Applause Sixteen.

sixteen Applause Applause now this interiors going to look a little Bit. bit different once it goes onto the market next year They’re. they’re still in testing phase but this is a fully functioning car at this point let’s turn her on And.

and first of all see how the devil 16 sounds ready you want to go around the back there’s absolutely mad that sounds so aggressive I don’t know what it sounds back there almost I’d hear the whole thing my ears my god that is crazy okay so it’s going to sound a little bit more aggressive actually a lot more aggressive once it goes to market they’re gonna have three different Versions. versions of this car the first one’s Got. got 2000 with A. a v8 Engine