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turbocharged petrol engine and 280 hp cost point 50,000 100 euros. that’s a passat a bit more exclusive but then yes also with such details as the headup display here that’s not a Real. real headup display mirrored but you pull out a small flap and that’s just headup display cheap but seriously ahead that’s there with upper class robert Per.. per. class higher with upper class not really much to do the modular strategy in the group is and blessing at the same time after the discontinuation of the phaeton, the adrion is at the upper End. end of the machine series typically vw the surcharge List. list the selection is extensive but also expensive at first glance more of a rational decision than a matter of the heart the mind says very soberly very well made easy to use and it’s already great to drive for the first few meters you have to win my heart first you also have to show a bit of rough edges then you also have to show a bit Of. of emotional i ity and sometimes something out of it the engine is an old familiar one the twoliter tsi is already in the golf gti, hearts beat faster applause in the interior there my heart doesn’t get it really only my mind gets it to be honest that there’s little to complain about that’s apart From. from the missing loud control unit I think I think I’ve said that a Thousand. thousand times everything here is In. in perfect. order nice large display so razorsharp with the digital cockpit i can do a lot here i can configure it I.

i also have reasonable displays that are also easy to read clear lines on clear surfaces dominate clear Lacquer. lacquer and metal the optics in the bauhaus style for 510 euros. kept digitization moving into the instrument Cluster. cluster now let’s see. how comfortable it gets my heart but honestly you can do it now don’t check because but you Get.

get in front of my heart i can Only. only decide after 500 kilometers then i have to get Out.

out then i have to be relaxed then You.

you have to have Back.

back pain and i have to have the feeling i could drive Another. another 500 kilometers then my heart goes out to him comfort the way it drives could be good but that Gets. gets for the ratio is the all wheel drive system mentioned at volkswagen before motion in the 280 hp it would be young standard i have a so called haldex clutch in here how the rear axle engages waits then always on it the ship there is no i drive for example is not on it until there Slips. slips there he switches me taxis close to the power from the beginning then straight away the rear axle to the partner or on the autobahn I. i don’t need to leave a four wheel drive there I run with the front kicks because he then consumes less in the car Engine