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that’s the aim of the   game. The aim is to try and understand  the car faster than our competitors. Why were we so competitive on Friday  compared to Saturday and Sunday? . Sunday?  That’s a Really. really good question and it’s a question  that we are trying to answer at the moment.   I think if you were to look at Friday’s running  It.

it was probably the most competitive we’ve been   at any point through the season so far. Between  Friday and Saturday we Will. will have made some changes   And.

and actually those changes were fairly minor,  but there were also changes in conditions   and we need to Go. go through all of that  data, extract as much understanding as   we can from that and use that to move  forward over the next couple of races. Was Lewis’s car damaged In. in the  first lap contact with Alonso?  The answer to that question is no, we don’t  think so. The contact was wheel to wheel   and as always, we have lots of engineers looking  at the data that is pouring off the car so   the aerodynamicists are looking at  pressure taps on the floors and wings,   they are looking at the push Rod. rod loads and our  Chief Engineer will be looking at all the other   suspension loads and making sure that they are  doing what they are supposed to be Doing.. doing. So,   we can very quickly tell whether there is an  issue with the car and there was no issue to find. Was the strategy with George