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8 Images Chevy C10 Wallpaper Good Looking

an elegant Texas with this lovely 1968 Chevrolet c10 pickup truck today we’re going to talk a little bit about what you should look for if You’re. you’re in the market for a second generation Chevy c10 when Chevy introduced the c10 in 1960 as a replacement for the task force it changed the way we look at pickup trucks the longer was it Just.

just a workhorse vehicle But. but it was a personal vehicle as well the first generation c10 was innovative with a drop center ladder Frame.

frame that lowered the Cab.

cab height and independent front suspension which gave the Truck. truck a more car ride the second generation c10 which debuted in 1967 further that innovation replacing rear leaf springs With.

with rear coil springs On. on trailing arms also new was an extra thick roof for increased structural integrity and a nice touch included metal fender skirts which protected the inside Of. of the fenders from mud and Salt.

salt and anything else that would damage them or rust them away You. you get these as a c10 c20 or C 30 the difference there was a half ton 3/4 ton and one ton they came with either a short bed or a long bed and the short beds could respect either fleetside or stepside today we’re talking specifically about the Secondgeneration. secondgeneration c10 this 1968 they came in base custom and CST or custom sport truck trims The. the base model got you things twospeed windshield wipers a vinyl seat seatbelts and a Right