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Top Altezza Wallpaper With 5 Pictures

Park where today I’m test driving this right hand drive toyota Altezza rs200 is our buddy Mike everyone who has been known to work occasionally At. at envy auto yep and he works right up the road he’ll right up the road he’ll hear it he works right up the road at Red Hill Toyota now I did your attack there yep joining us apprentice I apologize he’ll be a full teksu n and he has some really cool cars as a matter of fact you’ve got a badass Evo Time Attack car yeah I have an Evo 7gs are from Japan Right. right hand Drive. drive I got used for Time Attack he’s got a thing for right hand drive a car barreling cuz this thing is a very sweet right hand drive Altezza rs200 with a beams motor everybody at Beams. beams I love myself a beam so we couldn’t couldn’t help ourselves but go for a rip in it this is your daily driver or use it For.

for work and whatever I just I. I have a keys a little time fun at the track so yeah you just have to be out here without why not go for A.

a rip and it’s basically stock right he’s 100%. 100% stock it’s gone an upgraded tire a fire ha yep fire 500 right which I’ve never tried a mission to try it out these Indy 500 tires because a lot of guys them They’re.

they’re affordable and it Quite. quite grippy Yeah