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drive and i had to just drive out and bring it into its natural habitat this is an iconic car it’s all about freedom all about lifestyle yes i’m talking about the brand New. new car seldom do you find a car that becomes an icon and the mahindra thar is exactly that launched originally 10. 10 years ago in a very bare bones form without creature comforts air conditioning the first generation mahindra thar evolved from the romance that Was. was the open g a classic design packed with the latest and best diesel powertrain technology of its time good oldfashioned fourwheel drive And.

and of course a Soft. soft top tested on some of the roughest Offroad.

offroad courses across the country it wowed many before it even hit the showroom floor eventually the thar Evolved.

evolved into something slightly more user friendly and for many It.

it was a childhood dream reimagined boy did it excite a whole new audience of offroaders and lifestyle vehicles for whom the thar was the perfect second or third vehicle now this time around it’s quite different because mahindra are looking to take the tower mainstream so They’ve. they’ve made this a car that will appeal to all kinds of people not just ones that want to go to the outdoors but let’s take a look around the car before we delve into more of the details well there’s no Denying. denying when you first look at this car it does bear resemblance to the wrangler well They