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Top Ferrari F12 Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

can enjoy this one it’s called the f12 it costs two hundred and forty thousand pounds and thanks to a 730 horsepower v12 it’s the most Powerful. powerful Roadgoing. roadgoing Ferrari ever made it’s almost as powerful in fact as Fernando Alonso’s Formula one racer of course at this point people with mouths of Neal would say and what’s the Point. point of all that then when We’ve. we’ve got springy limits you don’t have to use all of it all the time in a towel you can sit back turn on the radio put The. the suspension in Bumpy. bumpy road mode to make everything nice and comfy set the gearbox in automatic airconditioning just so and then you can drive along quite happily at 20 miles an hour easy it’s not even especially big I’m not saying this is tiny but it’s not preposterous you don’t go through every gap so this Car. car works in Letchworth just any other car but when the builtup area ends it’s not any other car at all Applause well this is fun Ferrari say it will go from nought to 60 in 3.1 seconds and the flatout it will be doing 211 miles an hour well it’s not just the massive engine which makes it also Savage Un.

un the old 599 this has a double clutch gearbox so gear changes are immediate you build up the speed until the noise gets too much of your ears of leading a bigot changer And