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Favorite 13 Red Porsche Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

70s and each new generation we are taking it one step further make it sharper in design faster and more efficient beginning with power 650 PS at 70 PS more than the generation before it sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in only 2.7 seconds and at the end a top speed of 330 kilometers per hour but the turbo is definitely the biggest challenge we have in our D to improve this product what we did We.

we did we do this time number one more power that’s always important for turbo 70 horses more something you can Feel.

feel we widened a little bit the body in the typical Porsche 911 Turbo style and that we improved aerodynamics you can see it here this Typical. typical wide rear fender of the 911 Turbo. Turbo with the air inlet a little bit in the Front.

front and we have two new options one is a sport exhaust that gives this flavor and tone of the 911. 911 a turbo a little bit more tool to the driver we have a new sport chassis lowers it by 10 mil and gives You.

you a firmer write very cool and then the aerodynamics you can see here these adjustable flaps in the front where we Control. control the air streams through the car we have a wider wing again why the wing Means. means more downforce but the wing is a little bit lighter so also engineering effort behind that and we can use it as a truss is Very