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for today on the subject yes i bought a new car namely a nissan skyline r34 gt my first import from japan. the car is not buy here in germany and yes i did a survey on instagram if you are interested in how such an import works Because. because i can say Firsthand. firsthand it is not as easy as you would imagine and i am already damn hot there and and yes, I would to inform you about that and maybe it will happen to You.

you if you always wanted to get him maybe can guide you A.

a little bit on How. how you can do it faster and better then it’s best to start right away and I’m with you The car was brought in by an importer who is sitting in Japan himself , which means It. it is a trip to Germany , a German person has brightened One.

one up German contact person also no Japanese, which of course again due to the translation is much better than is also a very wellknown company, a lot of people know. and yes, they took care of everything possible , at the beginning it was just that, I didn’t know exactly what I was doing Get. get me For. for a car although it was already quite clear what it should be and Yes. yes then we were made a few offers builds is searched out were I didn’t Them. them I also wrote to other importers and ultimately not To