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Best 8 Fairlady Z Wallpaper

do know what a 352 is you know where 370z this is where it all started this is where the roots are and that new Car. car that musi car is a certain way because this car it has three gauges in the middle because it’s the car it does have that long hood because this car has That. that sloping Rear.

rear and because of this car it has that Z because this car what I really was trying to go with was a period modified car so car that was available back in the day but with the parts that Were. were available I tried to pick pieces out of the Datsun competition catalog which was available in Japan see to the steering wheel even down to the shift knob the rally clock these are all things that were specific to The. the Japanese Market.

market that weren’t available in the United States that you couldn’t get on the standard Datsun 240z it’s driven it would have been driven back in the day it feels it Would. would have been smells It. it would have been back in the day and I think that’s ultimately what’s all about for me my name is Glenn Shu I Drive a 1972 Nissan Fairlady 240 ZL late 60s.

60s Nissan decided that they Wanted. wanted to bring over a car that could compete with all of the British cars and American cars and British cars really had a stronghold in this small sports car market during the Time