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Top 5 S2000 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

this now oh yeah we’ve waited years to feature the s2000 and this is the ultimate the cr it was made as a special for the american market it’s stiffer it has more arrow and is rarer so in order to make and i’m james question is almost religious devotion to The.

the miata i thought it best to put him in this a perfectly maintained version of the s2k With.

with some minor suspension upgrades to deal with the bumpy california roads so a Bright.

bright yellow Roadster.

roadster And.

and a lush california canyon in the sunshine if there is ever going To. to be a place to fall in love with the s2000 this is it if you’re we do car reviews track tests And. and quite a lot of messing Around. around so and hit the bell in the s2000 now this is a lightweight japanese roadster it is not a monster of speed it has a bit more power than a miata but it’s basically the same realm of speed except this revs higher and the ap1 before This.

this rep to 9000 rpm this technically revs to 8 000 except the owner has tuned it a little bit to give it a higher redline and in true s2000 fashion this is a car that Rewards. rewards living at the top of that red line . so it’s not quite 9000 but it has all the other improvements that the ap2 gets and being A. a naturally aspirated fourcylinder it’s Got. got a lot of heart and soul to it this has An. an aftermarket mugen exhaust Which.

which sounds great it’s a little bit boomy for my taste around town but it makes the whole drive exciting but what good is a fun red line if you only get to reach it once or twice because something a 718 spider which is one of the best roadsters in the world has such tall gears people go on about how the shifter experience in an s2000 is one of the best and that is true the shifts are short they’re purposeful but i think the more important thing is how close the shifting ratios are because the fun of a manual is shifting first gear 35 Miles. miles an hour top of second gear 55 top of third gear 78 so basically you can switch to fourth gear As. as you get onto the highway having revved it all The. the way out which means you get to play with the fact that it’s a manual and that is about as good as that gets there really isn’t much torque it’s just horsepower so you’re not being thrown in the back of your seat you have to get to The.

the red line to experience any power however the beauty of the rear wheel drive lightweight japanese roaster is that The. the sensation of speed is massively enhanced you keep looking down thinking you’re going well over the speed limit and it takes a while To