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8 Photos Honda Civic Ek9 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

frontwheel drive when it’s got a perverse backwards VTEC system nevertheless when it was launched in 2015 it quickly became one of the best cars we’ve Seen. seen in recent time nought to sixty two in this car takes 5.7 seconds and with a long enough Autobahn you will hit a hundred and seventy miles an hour trust me we’ve done it but the cool stuff Doesn’t. doesn’t end there because we’ve got a front splitter nice skirts are flat on the belly the rear Diffuser. diffuser we’ve also got that big wing on the bathroom you cannot Miss. miss and all of those parts mean that this car generates negative lift meaning that it is the only one in its class to do so it also has adaptive dampers which take readings every one five hundredths of a Second.

second to adjust right firmness and thanks to its clever dual axis strut front Suspension. suspension you don’t get any of that frisky torque steer that you’d usually associate with powerful front wheel drive hatchbacks in practice the Civic typer is one of the fastest road cars you can find it’s really in front rack and it also said it the falling stuff carrying people and stuff for long distances in comfort it’s fun sounds good is awesome to drive and cost 30,000 pounds which means it’s good value for money but if you’re anything me you’ll prefer to own a car that you don’t see every day and that you can work On. on yourself and because I know that Honda fans are among the most dedicated in the world gives an awesome alternative to the new type r that i know you’re going to love one Tek nice Civic typer the drive well let me start with this phone oh that’s uh that’s a lot of weeks that guy got Wow the new Civic Typer. typer 50 canine version Features. features front wheel drive and a traditional defect system but that’s Pretty. pretty much where the similarities end between mode cars we’ve got the hand ported 1.6 litre B 16 B engineer and we’ve Got. got we take high up in the rev range not watch a new car which reaches VTEC low down and then a single scroll turbo of the rack the UK 935 are Definitely.

definitely is the fastest of motor Vehicle. vehicle in the world but when you’ve got beat X so intrusive and so noisy it doesn’t matter how fast it is because the noise alone puts a massive pile on your face we’ve got really low way only 1090 kilogram we’ve Got. got 185 Horsepower. horsepower which were a car of this size is is actually quite a lot and in fact in its day this still engine has one of the highest specific alphas Of. of its time we’ve got a close ratio manual gearbox a helical limitedslip differential up front and for a car from the late nineties it’s awesome I mean it’s really really stripped back is very fair Is