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14 Good View Bugatti Divo Wallpaper

thought i say because this is a car i never thought i would see let alone review this is essentially the ultra limited high performance version of the bugatti Chiron. chiron it has 1500. 1500 horsepower there are just 40 of these for the entire planet and it has a value of around 8 million Dollars. dollars and today i’m going to review it before i get started be Sure. sure to check out cars and bids which is my new online enthusiast car auction website for cool cars from the modern era if you’re Looking. looking to sell or buy a cool modern enthusiast car from the 1980s and up cars and bids is the place daily auctions with amazing selection lots of traffic and bids check out cars and bids at i’ve borrowed this devo from a viewer here in South. south florida and let’s just get right to it because there’s a lot to cover a Few. few years ago i reviewed the bugatti chiron which is one of the most Impressive. impressive amazing hyper cars on the planet that has almost 15 million views well the devo is the even more special even more high performance even more rare even more amazing version of the shiron so let’s talk basics i said 1500 horsepower which is about the same as the shiron and Torque. torque is basically the same too at 1200 pound feet the real difference with the devo is the track focus of this car it has about An