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Favorite 10 Nice Pictures Focus St Wallpaper

the of the Ford Focus ST and we’re having to zip out at the Panisse Airport can see there they’re closing it reason being someone has left a bag here and they’re gonna shut the airport down and if we don’t get out now I’m not gonna be able to review this car for You.

you I have never had this on a launch in all my life left yes we’ve done it I can now review this car okay so Obviously. obviously in this I’m going to tell you what’s new about the car shorter throws and A.

a standard car I’m gonna show You. you running inside it’s going a bit scary And. and explain what’s good about it the suspension stiffens up what’s not So. so good about it I’m gonna be ignoring The. the normal route no idea I’m going and driving on a very special circuit When.

when I’m going on my balls are bigger than is and of course yeah I’m gonna poke it with a stick I’m God let’s start the view by Driving. driving the Ford Focus ST on the motorway because this is where this kind of car is specifically designed for actually where I’m. I’m going it is designed for however in the meantime I’m testing out the cars cruise control so it does that thing where it can keep your safe distance from the car in front using radar also cameras can read the lines in the road and it should auto steer to keep me in Lane