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quick one so we should actually be quite a bit quicker than this slr it’s just a bit messy what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by autodopanal my name Is. is max and today we are at lce performance to drive this awesome tuned aston martin dbs super legera it has An. an ecu remap and it now delivers 800 horsepower around that so it should be freaking quick because the stock car is already so crazy um so yeah big thanks to lce and for inviting us and of course to the customer uh the owner of this car who Kindly. kindly allowed us to drive it so Really. really awesome uh today i’m going to show You. you around it quickly uh as you can see we’re At. at the gas station so we’re going to go directly to the autobahn and uh yeah we’re going to do a couple of pulls 100 to 200 see if we can do anything uh faster than that because it’s it’s yeah it’s four o’clock in the afternoon so it’s quite busy probably but we’ll see okay so the dbs you have probably hopefully seen my review of it uh if not you can click in the top right corner because i’m not going to cover all of it you know i’m not going to do another review of a dbs we’re going to focus on the tune today but of Course. course we’re going to take A. a look at the spec Which