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Favorite 8 Nice Pictures Toyota 86 Wallpaper

new version toyota’s little sports car you may know it as the scion frs or the toyota 86 but now there’s a completely new model and it’s called The. the gr86 and today I’m. i’m Going. going to review it before i get started be sure to check out cars and Bids. bids which is my enthusiast car auction website for cool cars from the modern era now with free listings you can list Your.

your car for free and auction it on cars and bids and we’ve had some great sales recently including this porsche 928 which brought over thirty thousand dollars with low Mileage. mileage this Ferrari. ferrari california brought more than a hundred and twenty three thousand dollars and this fantastic e60 bmw m5 sold for almost twenty six thousand dollars with a sixspeed manual transmission if you’re looking to buy or sell a cool enthusiast car from the modern era the 1980s and up cars and bids is the place to do it with great selection and daily auctions At. at so let’s talk gr86 just before this car was also offered as a subaru which is still called the brz i reviewed the new brz a few months ago if you’d prefer This. this as a toyota here it is you get a lot of the same stuff including rearwheel drive and a 2.4 liter fourcylinder that makes about 230 horsepower Which. which Is. is about 25 more horses than the old model and there’s more new stuff than just that of Course