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Top 10 Good View W12 Wallpaper

with golf’s maybe even the punch buggy thank you when you don’t think of is huge power or extreme luxury I mean their name Literally. literally translates To. to the people’s car so why and how did they create one of the most bonkers highly sophisticated amazing sounding luxury engines of all time Well.

well today we’re gonna dive into that incredible Engineering. engineering of one of the coolest most bizarre engines ever built the w12 it’s two engines in One. one it’s crazy Let’s. let’s go the w12 the name itself already sounds pretty nasty and everyone knows W is the nastiest letter out there unless you Put. put two peas next to each other and that’s P P so to explain the w12 let’s look at some other engines for a second so you got Your.

your inline Forge you got your inline sixes and they have all the cylinders in a line one after the other then you got your V Mainly.

mainly in the V configuration you have V sixes the 8 v tens and v12 and those engines have two lines or banks of cylinders in a V shape so we got our inline so we got our V’s. V’s and there’s some boxer engines too but for the sake of this We. we can skip over those which then brings us to the W and I’m going to show you a little magic trick when you Take. take two V’s and You. you slam them together get A. a W I. I just blow your mind I