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a new a new window manager I am leaving Q tile behind and I am switching to i3 as of today q tile one Of. of my favorite tiling window Managers. managers written entirely in Python very easy to set up very easy to configure I really loved everything about Q tile I’m actually really going to miss you tell just the power of it the functionality just everything about it I’m really kind of dreading switching because things just worked so well with Q tile once I.

I got it set up now everything is about to change now I’m going to i3 and let’s see how it goes so my switch to I three today is day one I’ve been playing with i3 for A. a few hours today I’ve actually spent quite a bit of time trying to figure Out. out exactly how I three works because to be honest I three works really quite a Bit.

bit differently than other tiling window managers I’ve lived in in the past of course I’ve spent much of the last year in cute I’ll use cute all on and off for I don’t know five or six years I’ve used X Mon ed many times in the past over the last decade or so I’ll live in X monad for A. a few months and then move on to something else and I often come back to X Mon in but X Monad. monad cute I’ll awesome window Manager. manager is another one I’m familiar with I