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10 Photos Civic Type R Wallpaper

of the in your face vehicles in the world especially in this wasp paint scheme in fact it’s the same colors as the radiation warning sign isn’t it anyhow anything about that what we have here is a honda civic type r and this is the special limited edition version so it’s the very very pinnacle of type r nus now in this i’m Going.

going to talk you through the upgrades that you Have.

have with the Type. type r over the standard civic i’m explaining about some of the changes that honda has made to the type r as part of a midlife facelift i’m going to talk you through all the upgrades that you get with this limited edition version and then i’m going to take it for a drive put it around a track and of course i’m going to launch it see how quick it is to 60 miles an hour and over the sunny quarter mile i’m matt watson and you’re watching car wow buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one stop car buying comparison site let’s start this Review. review by talking about the price so the civic type r kicks off from just over thirty four thousand pounds rising to just under forty thousand pounds for this limited edition version that you can save for an average of look almost two thousand pounds off A. a type r through car wow if you wanna see when she can save one of these or any car For.

for that matter i’ve put a link she’ll be popping out in the top right hand corner of the screen You.

you click on that you can get A. a call out to check out the latest deals i’ve also put a link in the description below Alternatively. alternatively if you just want to do that at a later date you can simply google help me car wow and my team and i help you choose the right car for you and get It. it for a fair price for one of our trusted car wire dealers now let’s talk about the design because the civic type r is very much in Your. your face mainly because it’s got This.

this huge rear wing though if you don’t Want.

want this on your tire bar you can actually get a version called the sport line it has a slightly more discreet spoiler though still it’s quite an aggressive looking car from the rear cause it’s got Spoiler. spoiler rear bumper then the standard civic and your type r badging and as part of a midlife facelift honda have added some extra little bits here in the bumper so It.

it looks a diffuser it’s not real Diffuser. diffuser just it’s a fake one other Side. side you’ve got a serious Body. body kit going on flared wheel arches back and front huge side skirts as Well. well with these little fins at The