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Best 13 Porsche 911 Wallpaper Phone

now i it’s not 1999 as it’s 2019 so get this old thing out of the way go on get out of the way this is the new porsche 911. 911 the 992 it’s pretty special but it’s got a special price it starts from 93 000 pounds it’s quite expensive now if you want to Make. make sure you’re paying the right price for a new car click on the Pop. pop out bar in the top right hand corner of the screen or follow the link below the to get a car Wow. wow let’s start this review by talking about the design because This. this new 992 is wider and longer than the old car it’s Slightly.

slightly high but you can’t really tell it’s got this New.

new rear light design Which. which is really cool not too sure about this area down here this big Load.

load of plastic and then the Number. number plates lower down there speaking of the number plate look at this one a 911 fourwheel drive how appropriate i do the fact that all models are now Wide.

wide body whether you have the two wheel drive or this four wheel drive four version all models have 21 Inch. inch alloy wheels at the back and 20 inches at the front also the front track is wide as well for more grip overall it’s a really good looking car i Especially. especially the front and this yellow paint scheme which i think the flies love as well it’s a Smart