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Top Porsche 911 Gt2 Rs Wallpaper With 8 Pictures

months back and we did a runner to Portugal and one of the best circuits in Europe pottymouth we had with us some fine and motor vehicles but perhaps the fastest was The. the Porsche 911 gt2 RS em are I know catchy little name M R stands for Manti racing it’s an improved chassis arrow and braking package for a car that already has more than enough power and if you’ve not heard of Manti then think of it as The.

the ultimate skunkworks porsche outfit you have a standard porsche 911 then you go to Porsche Motorsport and you have a gt3 and an RS well Manti makes the RS model even more rs hypothetically and I mean this hypothetically you’ve gone out in a dt2 RS right and I’ve said to you as a friend you need to make that car a bit fast around the lap now of course your brain would say shut Up. up mate That’s. that’s ridiculous I’m still clearing up the mess From. from my under crackers after what that car just did to me but Manti the now most of the Porsche Road race team that deals with this stuff well it’s gone done just that it’s created the gt2 RS mr Anti. anti racing which is an aero and suspension wheel and tire package for the gt2 RS about ninety thousand euros which sounds ridiculous until you experience it this is the best car that’s based on a normal street car that You