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8 Images Infiniti Q60 Wallpaper Good Looking

back here at one of my favorite parking lots because you know what we have a very interesting car this is a 2021 infiniti q60 red sport 400 allwheel Drive. drive but Before. before we get into this mouthful of a gt sports car let’s talk about what’s going on here infiniti the premium brand of nissan is gonna be doing a little bit of a renaissance of their own just the nissan brand now what’s fascinating Is.

is that this q60 being a red sport 400 has a glimpse of what that 2022 Nissan. nissan z is gonna have that’s that twin turbo v6 underneath the hood 400 horsepower it’s fascinating because this car has been around since 2017 and even though it hasn’t gone Through. through a major redesign yet still looking very very fresh aesthetically almost a timeless design but what i want To.

to find out is that if you’re looking at the competition the lexus rcf the bmw m440i is this infiniti q60 red sport 400 is it not only a long Name. name but is it the one to be parking in your garage that just has that unique style and driving experience that maybe the competition doesn’t have also i want to find out really is this a glimpse to the nissan z with that same engine set up but while we go ahead let’s dive into this 22 21 model and find out right off the bat i love the lines on this car especially the Proportions