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Best 11 Images Tesla Logo Background

looking at redesigning the Tesla logo if we start by looking at the existing logo we can see that they use a large t icon and then A. a word mark underneath the t badge that they use is taken from a crosssection of an electric motor so that’s about as relevant as it gets so I think that would be worth keeping in some of our design options and wordmark has a Very.

very distinctive style I tried to look into what the word mark is made up of these little shapes that build the e and the top of the a have them curved edges and I started thinking maybe it could be the grille or from the cars or it could be taken from another component from A.

a motor I couldn’t find anything about that so I think it’s just there to look quite stylized and in a similar style to the tea Bag. bag where it could be is that the three Layers. layers of the e could be the parts of a lithiumion battery but I might just be looking for meaning when there isn’t any meaning behind it it might just be there to look nice the word mark Is. is used alone on the website so I think that’s going to need a Lot. lot of attention so we’re going to Make. make a few different options of the Tesla logo some of them are going to be a refresh and some of them will come in from A