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10 Images Mercedes A Class Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

all new you got new body panels got new mechanicals and all new technology in fact takes lots of kit from the sclass so it really should be the poshest small car You. you can buy but in this I’m gonna find out if that’s trade now if you’re wondering why the heck I’m carrying the camera myself it’s because there wasn’t a Space.

space on this launch For. for my cameraman so apologies what this turns out Mercedes should also apologize for the old a class Because. because to be honest it wasn’t that good however it still sold strongly because well it was the cheapest way to get into a new Mercedes now image really matters and this car has one thing going for it from the getgo that threepointed star that was in lots of buyers but the rest of the design is really smart it built on the old car and just improves it you got the pin effect grill there at The. the front this particular car is the AMG line so you get some more aggressive from bumper treatment there’s you can see with these vents down The.

the side and being the addition warm this has some extra Whoa. whoa I look yellow striping on it One. one thing to note on this car Are. are the headlamps and they’re very very narrow and sleek really gives the car quite a mean Look. look and the new aclass gets Mercedes new design language he got very flat body panels Not