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Favorite Dmc Delorean Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

delorean is everything in a vehicle today it has become a rare, soughtafter and very expensive collector’s item in the hands of firm lovers and we want to see How. how The. the film star of yesteryear feels today and how fully experiences but it is important to know the development history of this car because the very weird and anything but straight john delorean who worked until 19 73 at general motors as chairman of the board and as chief engineer of pontiac he could not implement his ideas There.

there his ideas of stainless car from economical car from the safe car and from the generally more innovative vehicle general motors was a company in the seventies that changed the air design very frequently but the technology is mostly the same at its 19 73 newly founded company dmc delorean Motor.

motor company everything should be different the design of this vehicle was already 1 75 fes t this is a duo design that was already in the drawer because it was originally supposed to be the porsche 928, which porsche rejected and the delorean is based on it, which by the way should get a midengine but the Delorean. delorean has not found any units that are reliable for its vehicle were and which were also affordable and powerful he should then switch to the euro v6 from peugeot renault and volvo this unit is a v6 with a 90 degree Bank. bank angle but it no longer fits into the midengine Design. design and so the entire vehicle layout had to be redone porsche should do that again , they said we need five years too long to bring the car to the market and so he then went to lotus, where the whole thing was done in 18 months, so it Was. was a witchcraft with 200 people in 18 months the whole car was more or less regulated from the midengine To.

to the rear engine lotus esprit took over and the form has remained unfair but underneath there is a lot Of.

of lotus knowhow and technology and the car Was. was not manufactured in the usa but in ireland because the british Government. government gave mr delorean 100 million pounds of support to build the factory in the 2700 people worked, all of whom had no previous experience with the construction of automobiles, came from completely different branches of the economy and so one thing came together: an extremely fast development of a factory, the two were ultramodern but workers who were trained accordingly, massive time pressure and initially major quality problems with this actually a very Innovative. innovative car, and we’d to check it right now on the outside applause outside check dmc12, by the way, the twelve stands for the purchase price of 12,000 dollars, which the coupé was originally supposed to cost, but then it turned out to be 25,000 Dollars. dollars what is special about the car is the body construction we h But here is a frame made of Sheet. sheet steel, a double exelon frame that comes from the lotus esprit in a slightly modified way. A twopart plastic Body. body sits on it and it is planned with this wonderful stainless Steel.. steel. This stainless steel is not painted or otherwise treated. It is Simply. simply brushed and the plastic body is completely covered with these panels from the outside only the doors are made entirely of stainless Steel.

steel and that Gives. gives the Car. car its unique look Normandy.

normandy lorien he sees a different color silver that was very elaborately primed and later painted from the Factory.

factory there was only this version and this one rear part here what disguises the rear window is called by the way only why the louvre is called that i can not say how the art Museum.

museum in paris is not a direct factual connection what i can say is that this polyurethane bumper or rear unit is just the front one of its time white t ahead was the material is elastic shockresistant can be exchanged completely as a unit and makes the car Look.

look organic as if it were made from one piece the biggest show at the lorien are the gullwing doors only the second production car after the mercedes 300 sl From.

from the 50s has Gullwing. gullwing doors Incidentally, they are easy for children to open and close, so that hardly any reworking is necessary, this is due to a very complex and very durable construction, by the way, with torsion bars That. that are installed here in the Roof. roof unit, developed And. and manufactured by the aircraft manufacturer in America, the entire door Is. is completely made of made of stainless steel and weighs 33 kilograms open and close here too, always do not touch the Front.

front in this area because the door can warp or there is wind noise and the gap dimensions Are. are no longer correct closing no problem at all window cut out only very small Electrically. electrically actuated that is because the curvature of the door verh prevents that the complete window in the door creates easy can if we are already at the door we can also look into the trunk right away a cable pull opens the door again mechanically. trunk open here not only the trunk is loaded here is also refueled The.

the tank holds 51 liters of fuel which is unleaded under the trunk floor by The. the way because the delorean already had a gkv as standard In. in 1981. decide to open the door which By. by the way I could Do.

do 1000.

1000 Times. times a day I think this door is so cool so Now.

now we come to the engine into the fuel consumption of the v6 and Back.

back to. the louvre open which is Always. always unlocked and the unlocked cover of the engine which also has to be locked here again it ‘s.

‘s formula me and there’s the 2.8 liter v6 from renault Peugeot. peugeot and volvo 132 hp. performance from a displacement of 2.8 liters these are Not