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6 Photos Wallpaper R35 Amazing Pictures

by autodopanel my name is max and today we are checking out gtr leslie’s nissan gtr r35 this is a 2017 model uh at least that’s how it started but there is a lot that has been done to this car it is far from stock as you can See. see it is insane so today I’m. i’m going to show you around it i’m going to show you all the cool stuff leslie has done to it both on the exterior interior and engine and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the ultraman for an autobahn blast Now. now make sure you’re d to our if you don’t want to miss any s make sure you hit the notification bell as well so you’re updated and Check. check out gtr leslie on facebook youtube tik tok and instagram his handle is gtr leslie on all platforms go check him out because he makes some awesome content with his flame spitting gtr make sure you Check. check him out so as i said we’ve got a 2017 model which means that 2017 was actually Quite.

quite a big facelift engine wise It. it went from 550 to 570 horsepower it got improved cooling improved suspension a new front bumper so quite a bit but you don’t really see anything On. on this car anymore so we’ll take a look at the car and i’ll show you all the insane stuff that leslie has done to it so we’ve got a top secret body kit On