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could i have your attention please today’s nascar san diego 200 winner mike reardon will be available for interviews in area very uncomfortable you know what i’m saying So. so you got all these Good. good questions okay tell me about your dad tell you about my dad um serious man you know he’s in the racing S. s his engines all right later on i need a purchase he’s a good guy and i bit it The. the mercury started To. to slide down good lord but sometimes i can’t stand my own species why is that women can be so damn transparent sometimes i Mean.

mean i’m standing right there while she’s batting her baby blues at mike saying so tell me what really turns my fridge on jesus give me a break so what’d he say what what was his answer you mentioned me if that’s what you’re asking hey you know you really ought to give this stuff up come on kiddo i’ll buy you lunch thanks tommy i think i’ll just go home and soak And. and Hot.

hot tub embrace fans this is david wilcox okay didi wilcox this is chris bear chris bear this is dede Wilcox. wilcox oh and this is my mechanic tommy Treherne.

treherne hi hey d.d Wilcox. wilcox hey didn’t you write that article on orlando dupres sports illustrated right right you know yeah that was that was great uh dede is doing a new lifestyle show for espn and she wants to do something on me so we’re Gonna. gonna go to dinner and discuss it um can you take chris home for me that’s okay yeah sure i could do that thanks never mind mike what really it’s it’s no problem i can do that okay it’s not no not at all cool i’ll catch Up. up with you later okay what was it about come on the piece she wrote about orlando dupree Here’s. here’s divorce Applause how long has it been since we stood on the mountain Dreamed. dreamed to each other and we sang to the sky was it only just yesterday it seems the rain the world was much younger i dreamed so alive hollywood street life and rock and roll crazy sharing our fortunes and chasing the dream and magic and all the sweet ladies carry me back there’s a i can still see the lights Carry. carry me back it’s Beautiful. beautiful all right Applause Come. come on it’ll be fun It’s.

it’s so pretty come on No.

no way it’ll be fun Get. get down here i don’t don’t be dead i don’t float you come on get in the water you’re fast that is a necessity for a girl where i come from are you okay yeah My.

my heart doesn’t pop out of My. my chest come on you’re missing the Show.

show Applause i feel so small ocean can do that he makes me feel so insignificant never felt that Way. way with you tommy Applause tommy I