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Favorite Stanceworks Wallpaper With 6 Pictures

be engine swap some bodywork and some arrow but that quickly unraveled when i realized there was room for improvement everywhere as a result we decided to build pretty much every aspect of the suspension of this car from scratch we have taken and removed every single ferrari part from this car we’ve made really good progress but one of the big things left on the list Is. is steering we have no way to control those front wheels so i want to fix that in this episode and we’re Going. going to start off over on the lathe we are going to build our own Turnbuckles. turnbuckles tie rod ends we’re going to modify some steering arms and we’re going to dial in our bump steer And. and see if we can get the front end all ready for wheels and tires then we’re going to boot up fusion 360 and design a slew of parts for the Back.

back end and see just how Much.

much progress we can make because i have a pretty good feeling we’re going to have our rotiform wheels very soon so let’s get after it over the last few episodes we’ve been hard at work getting the car ready for wheels and tires the moment They. they show up i want to be able to Bolt. bolt them on and set this thing on the ground for The.

the very first time so let’s take a look behind the recently installed spindles and brake rotors and see what we’re working With