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for first time today after taking my old Porsche 911 to the drilling site. It’s a sports car that’s socially recognized in Europe and does n’t excite people’s spirits that Much.. much. I ‘ve been wondering all the time why I’m talking we constantly from low emission zones lack of Parking.

parking spaces and overpopulation there i come To.

to vienna with my old porsche uses me he are district his gender Had. had everything i imagine but To. to drive dirt sling you have to buy Yourself.

yourself Of. of course answer he already spilled dirt that you don’t walking in public pants but there Are. are other problems as well the scene of the center of vienna the tourism moloch at stephansplatz in vienna you Are. are overpowered even with two legs if you have to squeeze through between 17,000 chinese tourists And. and twice as many safesticks the climate demos are mostly organized around hitler the see self not capable of life outside the city living in a consumption bubble and acting as enemy number one she explains what life outside the city looks is completely unclear to you the food comes in huge Amounts. amounts to the supermarket and the electricity from the socket when you according to media reports, everyone and everyone should be stuck in traffic every day actually live sex of the meanwhile almost nine million austrians but in the country me and exactly there Prompts. prompts him to test Our. our current car a fantastic panorama width fields long straights a Paradise