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Top 8 Honda City Wallpaper Good Looking

the big guns the gold wing the fire blade the super blackbird these are the machines of myth legend and biker focal nothing says proper bike a honda and then there was this One. one this is the mighty honda moto compo from 1981 robbing away down there is a 49 cc two stroke producing A. a scarcely believable 2.5 horsepower top speed 18 miles an hour oh yes the freedom of the road this is what it’s all about the moto compo is what honda called a trunk bike a sort of suitcase scooter designed to fold down and fit in the boot of Your. your car the idea was genius you’d drive your car to the edge of town and then ride the final mile to the office on The. the scooter it was the Ultimate. ultimate Urban. urban mobility solution 40 years before anyone really talked about urban mobility solutions in fact honda actually designed whole cars around it with boot space tailormade for the moto compo cars such as this The. the honda city honda’s early 80s urban runabout but this isn’t just any honda city this is the honda city turbo 2 the pumped up performance version and Sure.

sure enough there’s just enough room in there for A.

a foldup moped the moto compo weighs just 45 kilograms and it’s just one meter long so putting it in the car is child there fits perfectly i mean there is literally no room for your shopping anymore but hey that’s what ocado’s For