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Favorite Audi E Tron Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

asynchronous electric motors these deliver the equivalent of 408 hp the price is almost 80,000 euros. new technology in a traditional form with its large radiator grille the etron presents Itself. itself with a combustion engine look tailgate eyes him as a stromer under. the 490 long body, the batteries with a gross capacity of 95 kilowatt hours are enough juice for fast progress that’s of course cool with this metro and when you’re on here you’ll have an immediate Response. response even if you’re traveling here in comfort mode without this upper book function you are just a short time and there is already Performance. performance that’s really cool the typical car torque in every situation 561 newton meters are available to the. allwheel drive vehicle with boost it’s even 664 the Driving. driving comfort is Of. of course also supported by The. the air suspension of the etron which is it takes A. a lot of effort to remove these tips even on the bad roads d it’s not that easy with such heavy cars, but audi has done it really well the batteries alone are already 700 kilograms in total the etron weighs almost 2.6 tons it Doesn’t.

doesn’t become a big ship once you start Moving.

moving is and you have that in the back of your mind yes you have 2.6 tons moving here you don’t really notice that so much because of this alwayspresent power it really does quite well where you notice it then of course now a curve Comes