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Favorite Wallpaper Bugatti Chiron With 14 Pictures

100 is history after less than 60 seconds, 200 km h are reached and the 300 fall after barely 13. 1500 hp in addition allwheel drive and 420 tip limited mind you all that for almost 2.9 million. euros my task today is to find out why is it so expensive there is talk of the new bugatti schiro grip the first german tv team is allowed to drive it a car that literally takes your breath away biotie and Beast. beast the sheer Abundance.

abundance on wheels it is the strongest, fastest and most luxurious super sports car ever in series production asphalt has hijacked the bugatti giro is limited to 500 pieces more than half Of. of it is already gone w. 16 cylinder clock delivers a mighty 1500. hp Which. which can be commanded via a strikingly clear command center favorite detail for speed freaks this key next to the driver’s seat of the scirocco in No.

no time at all 420 instead of only 380 km h fast Makes. makes the thing is that. every Part. part What. what d u in these cars has a function that not only looks good but it also has a direct function so just the air inlets at the front between the headlights, so to speak, These. these two air inlets that are responsible for cooling the brakes and so every part has something there at the front and behind and on the side and on top and bottom is Its.

its function and it also looks stunning During