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Best 11 Mini Jcw Wallpaper

put it in it used to be real in the first generation what’s up everyone welcome to this POV review by Auto Doble my Name. name Is. is Max and today we are enjoying the all new mini John Cooper Works I’m going to call it the 2019 model because if I search for 2018 I got a lot of prefacelift many s and information so 2019 mini John Cooper Works and well I will take you around it show you the spec we’ve got it in then I’ll drive it along this road and then take it on the Autobahn over there and let’s start With. with the color because this is if you ask me the color for this car and it’s the color that You. you can only get owner works version it’s called rebel green and especially with all those red accents around the car I think it looks really cool it’s a really good color for this car well facelift what’s new we have these LED daytime running lights which are now completely oval So.

so they enclosed the headlight unit it used to be an upsidedown U.

u Shape. shape so I think this looks better we have a joke up works from bumper which is very sporty very aggressive and they have also ditched the fog lights so they used to be down There. there And. and this one is just closed but that one Is. is open and It’s.

it’s an air duct there’s some more cooling for the brakes and the Engine