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a new and today we had important visitors from berlin where you first of all thank you very much for being there thank you very much For. for being there then I’m. i’m very happy you have to say he has today brought two important machines with you once that here yes tell me very briefly we have for everyone 2017 nissan gt r r35 with a few conversions so minimal agree on that everything is done what can say that i made a few conversions is probably Drives. drives you said almost 1000 hp or 1 950 if you have ethanol tanks okay so now there is 102 in it so define 800 applause yes too complex no really really hot thing I ‘ve never driven one here but the cool thing is yes it’s not the only reason why you’re here today you call yourself yes we can always show that i think here you can see that here people from the farmers are always looking forward to it and here right now already said here alba it is probably misinterpreted because the farmer drives over there on the meadow and makes sure that Everything.

everything fits but in your case It. it means something else i build Special. special pcs whereby i have to say the name has A.

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