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news of Italy. The ground has exploded into the air. the city now floating 300 meters above the ground. Radianite may have been involved. Kingdom, whose Radianite Power Program accounts for more than three quarters of the world’s energy production, have denied any connection to this disaster. Anyone with information on the two unidentified radiants spotted at the scene is being Asked.

asked to come forward Finally! About time you showed up! We’re picking up gunfire. Did You. you locate the spike? That would be a yes. Stay close, weapons ready. I was born ready. This way. Hey..take a look. It’s.

It’s stealing radianite from the environment.. How do we stop it? I’m on it! You’ll need a RadiCore to power the heat signal. I got this! Phoenix, wait! Hands up, come on! You. You should see your face. What the f Come on! Did you find a power source? Here! Let’s go, let’s go! Verdammt! Not enough power! It needs to be super heated. Give that here. I honestly didn’t expect that to work. Really? So, uh, maybe give us a heads up Next. next time? Site secure, we’re coming home. That the Big Man? Tell him I need answers this time! What is your problem? We crushed it! Phoenix got a look in the mirror. How come they look us? And what do they want our radianite for? I’ll.

I’ll talk to Brimstone. It’s time we filled you in. Yo, we got problems. We? You’re the one that screwed up! You Serious?